Hostess FAQ

I'm sure you have a few questions. Below are answers to a few  that you may have!

Will it cost me anything?
Absolutely NOT!  In fact, there is no purchase requirement of anyone!  We simply encourage everyone to have fun.  Our products will sell themselves, to those interested!

Who should Host a Party?
Great Question... Everyone! Including YOU!  It's a fun way to gather together with friends, meet new people and explore our products.  Nothing but FUN!

How long does a Party last?
A Party often lasts about 2 hours.  No pressure, just have fun!

Do I have to have a Party at my Home?
No!  Many people organize parties at offices, and even on Facebook!

Will my friends see ALL the products at my Party?
Your Consultant will have a variety of products, but may not have the ENTIRE product line at the party.  Access to a website may be helpful.

Should I offer Food and Drink at my Party?
Of course!  It is best to consider light appetizers or snacks and drinks.

How many people do I need to have at my Party?
Our Consultants often work with groups as few as 8-10, as well as groups of 30 or more.  The more people, the more Fun you will have.  And... the more sales will occur, earning you more FREE Product!!!!