How can Hayward work for me??


Hayward Gourmet has several different ways of getting involved.   You can:


Choose to be a customer!  

We offer great products at a great price!  Our products are made fresh and in small batches everyday.  We take pride in providing local jobs in our community. Hayward is known for its many seasonal activities and brings people from all over the world to visit our "historic" Main Street. This family owned business takes pride in hand packing your popcorn choices and delivering them to you in a timely manner! You can also visit our retail location on Hayward's historic main street


Host a Party!

Do you want to earn free products and share a gourmet-from scratch product with family and friends?  Get connected with a Hayward consultant today to get a party set up and start earning host product credits!  Items are shipped right to your door!


Become a consultat options:

Kit ONE option: 

Do you want to purchase Hayward inventory at a discounted price?  Do you and your family LOVE made from scratch popcorn and fudge? Investing in this smaller kit option is all you need to get started and get you introduced to Hayward Gourmet as a Party Planning business.  You will have everything you need to get started with your Hayward Business. This kit offers the following items: 

6 snack size bags of popcorn ( 3 cups ) 

2 -1/4 lb (approximate weight) pieces of fudge

1/2 lb salt water taffy (taffy town)

1 bag of random candy from our current online candy choices

1 month of back office fee - back office fee 9.95 thereafter.


Kit 1 $25

Kit TWO option: 

Kit number two is the kit you want if you are investing in your business and you want a jump start to having samples and products ready to hand out to potential customers.  Kit two gives you a well rounded sampling of what Hayward has to offer to consultants and customers. Consists of our most popular products and flavors. This kit offers the following items:  

10 snack size bags of popcorn (3 cups) chosen at random

6 piece fudge sampler box 

1 - 1.0 lb bag mixed salt water taffy (taffy town)

2 bags candy randomly chosen 

1 - 4oz coffee

1 hot cocoa

1 popcorn tub

1 jar popcorn seasoning flavor

1 bag / jar popcorn seed 

1 month of back office fee.  $9.95 thereafter.



Kit 2 $70

Host a Fundraiser: Hayward Gourmet offers a very competitive fundraising program that offers a 50% profits for groups!  You can also be a consultant who works directly with fundraising groups. If this is something that you are interested in you can contact us at the office and we will get you started.  You can work your fundraising business parallel to your party planning business! Lots of great ways to build your business!

Upon joining Hayward Gourmet you will have access to your back office for 30 days as party of your kit purchase. After your initial 30 days you will need to activate your back office with our software company. This is essential to running your business. Please note that this is a recurring $9.95 fee billed each month on your unique billing day. This will show up on your billing statement as Inspetta.


Please note the following: 

Independent Sales Representative is expected to create a monthly subscription ($9.95 per month) for the Web Page; back office tools, reports, etc. at the time of enrollment. To ensure that the consultant has access to the resources needed to create and maintain an active Hayward Gourmet business, Independent Sales Representative agrees to maintain their subscription for the duration of their Independent Contractor relationship with Hayward Gourmet. Our technology partner is Inspetta. Independent Sales Representative agrees to the Inspetta terms and conditions when they create their subscription.