Upgrade Me Now

Upgrade Me Now

Upgrade to a Consultant with Ink'd Up Nails!

We are so excited to bring to you the new and hottest trend in nails ready to change the entire beauty market! Not only can you use it to make your own gorgeous nail designs, you can make money sharing it with friends and family!

Ink'D Up Nails is a patented formula that allows you to transfer full color images from paper perfectly to your nails

Forget the stickers, nail sizing, files and heat!

They are no longer needed with Ink'D Up Nails! The design possibilities are endless! Not only can you choose from our vast library of designs, you can upload your own designs and images and we will send them out to you! Want to promote your other company? YOU CAN DO THAT! Want to put bright and bold designs to celebrate the season? YOU CAN DO THAT! Want pictures of your family on your nails? YOU CAN DO THAT TOO! 

If you could do away with the limitations of stickers, what would you design?!

Don't pay outrageous design fees at your nail salon, switch to  Ink'D Up Nails and you can create the most fabulous nail designs you could ever think of!

Join us today and don't miss out on the fun. By joining us on the ground level you will be placed at the top of company and grow with us! 

With our party plan business in pre launch mode we are welcoming our first 300 founding stylists! Our new great party plan website is still being completed. It will give you the most advanced features you can think of to help you run your company and promote with ease! Until then bear with us and note this is a temporary site. 

When you reserve your spot in the first 300 you will receive:

--> Forever title to include "Founding Stylist"

--> 2 Sets of Transfer Nail Polish Kit

--> 15 Nail transfer design sheets

--> Mini Fan that attaches to iPhone or Android Phone

--> Getting Started Guide

--> Materials to get you started making money!

--> Lifetime discount to your replicated website and complete office suite ($9.95 vs $14.95)


Upgrade Me Now


Our first shipment release date is set for September 14th. (Our first 100 will receive it sooner to test out!) 

Don't miss out on being the very first to get your hands on this! 

We will freeze registration once we reach 300 founding stylists to get ready for our launch.